Pearl Bay Avenue - Trial closure of right-hand turns

Tuesday 29 January – Sunday 5 May 2013 Completed

A six month trial closure proposed for right turns into Pearl Bay Avenue is going ahead.

Whilst initially agreeing to the trial, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the Minister for Roads advised that the closure of Pearl Bay Avenue could only be put in place when Council secured the concurrence of other Northern Beaches Councils as part of the community consultation process.

Pittwater, Manly and Warringah Councils have all now resolved to support the trial for a maximum of six months subject to the RMS having the ability to cancel the trial should it cause extreme disruption.

Features of the Trial Closure

At present, during the AM peak period, right turn movements are permitted from the southbound Spit Road approach into Pearl Bay Avenue. Right turns at this intersection are not permitted outside the AM Peak period and during school holidays.

The trial involves banning of right-hand turns from Spit Road into Pearl Bay Avenue during the AM peak period. STA buses are not affected by the ban as they would be exempted from the restriction. Left turns into and left turns out of Pearl Bay Avenue will remain unaffected.

A “No Right Turn, STA Buses Excepted between 6:00am and 10:00am School Days Only” sign will be installed at the intersection of Pearl Bay Avenue and Spit Road from Tuesday, 29 January 2013 in conjunction with the new school year.

The trial, which will prevent southbound traffic turning right from Spit Road into Pearl Bay Avenue, will run until Wednesday, 31 July 2013.

During the trial period, RMS will monitor the changes to ensure the road network is operating efficiently.

Council will continue to update the community on the progress of the trial via its website.

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