Night Works: Cobblestone Repair Work at Centenary Circle (Bradleys Head Road and Middle Head Road) Crossings, Mosman

Council has arranged rectification works of the Cobblestones at the Bradleys Head Road and Middle Head Road approaches to the Centenary Circle Round about. Giving due consideration to the impact on public transport, traffic volume, parking and interruptions to businesses, the works are planned to be undertaken during night time. Council Contractor, San Marino Concreting Pty Ltd, has been engaged to undertake this work. The Contractor has obtained the necessary Road Opening Licences from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to perform this work during the period 28 August to 27 September 2022. Considering the nature and extent of the works, the Contractor will be in a position to complete the works during six (6) nights weather permitting. The standard night working hours are between 8pm – 5am, however excessive noisy works will cease by 11pm. Access to emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times during the work. Traffic and pedestrian control will be in effect and parking will be suspended in required areas along the Bradleys Head Road and Middle Head Road closer to the crossings. The Contractor will provide further details to the residents and businesses closer to the work commencement date. At this stage works are planned to commence by 20 September 2022. Please ensure that your vehicles are NOT parked within the “Work Zone” areas for the duration of works and Council requests your cooperation to comply with the temporary traffic control measures.

Posted 2022-09-15. Last Modified 2022-09-15