Road Renewal Works – Night Work: Athol Wharf Road, Mosman

Council’s contractor Stateline Asphalt will be undertaking night time road renewal works at Athol Wharf Road, Mosman. The works are programmed for the week of 27 May 2024 and is estimated to be completed within 2 nights weather permitting from 8pm to 5am. Council’s contractor will also notify the affected residents closer to the starting date. Traffic and pedestrian control will be in effect and parking will be suspended at clearly marked areas for the duration of works. Although some sections of roads and footpath will be closed when it is considered unsafe for vehicles or pedestrians, emergency access will be maintained at all times. Please ensure that your vehicles are NOT parked in areas clearly marked ‘Work Zone’ for the duration of works and Council requests your cooperation to comply with the temporary traffic control measures. Council has advised the Contractor to minimize possible noise disturbance. However due to the type of machinery used for these works, some noise impacts are unavoidable. If you require further information or have any concerns, please contact Council’s Civil Engineer Ms. Soraya Mahomed on 9978 4027 Thank you in advanced for your understanding and cooperation.

Posted 2024-05-24. Last Modified 2024-05-28